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New Releases: Cyber Raver Furniture

Available in 16 different color styles total
Not all Colors Shown Here
Low prim furniture sets
117 prims total,  perfect for all you ravers and even club owners who wanna jazz things up even more!
Transfer Only

New Releases: The Cyber Ravers Guys & Girls

Complete Cyber Raver Outfit

Available in 8 different colors total
Not all colors shown here

They are Available in Guys and Girls versions

Single items from the outfits are also available

Resize Scripted and Transfer.

Some clothing layers are modifiable.

Anomaly’s New Blog

Anomaly Updates Coming Soon….

We decided to move our blog over to wordpress since it suited our needs and allowed us to have a blog that was better suited for our customers.

We hope you enjoy the site and be sure to look at the links and the pages to see our policies, teleport in world to Anomaly, and see our new announcements.

~Riley and JC