About Anomaly

Anomaly has been around on the virtual world client known as Second Life for little over a year now. It originally started out as a small little hole in the wall literally on a 512 parcel and has managed to grow over time thanks to our customer and fan base.

I specialize in designs that are by Anomaly’s very own definition: Deviations from the normal.

Designing a little bit of everything but not limited to with having Rave Wear, Urban, Neko Wear, Cute, Club Wear, and Accessories

One very important fact about my store is that I design for the love of it and for the enjoyment of  my customers and do my best to give them the best customer support  I can.

You can subscribe to either  the subscribe o matic group by clicking one of the signs around the store or joining the :::Anomaly::: update group in Second Life.

This blog was created specifically for announcements of the store known as Anomaly in the virtual world known as Second Life.

Second Life and Linden Labs are trademarks or registered trademarks of Linden Research Inc. All rights reserved. No infringement is intended whatsoever.

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