Anomaly’s ~Store Policy~


1. Anomaly does not offer Refunds, Replacements only if the item falls into the sl blackhole during purchase, send a notecard with your transaction info to Riley Mensing for replacement.
2. I will not replace items for people who got their accounts banned and I will not send items you have already purchased to alts either. So please do not insist or be rude about it.
3. Anomaly Group members are special customers and receive updates and even receive free gifts occasionally in world. To join just click the subscribe-o-matic sign located around the store or search for us in groups.
☆Please report any beggars, spammers, or griefers that harrass in the store or in the group chat to Riley Mensing
☆Not looking for any models right now sorry.
~Riley Mensing
-Owner Of Anomaly-
Email: rileymensing@gmail.com

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