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New Midnight Mania

Just put up a new New Midnight Mania for you all.
Better hurry Targets set to 50


60L Weekend 4/3 – 4/4

It’s 60L weekends again and this weekends item at Anomaly is

Check out some of the other designers in the 60L weekend sale at the Official Picasa Gallery

New Release: Raver’s DNA Star Necklace

I had a lot of fun making these and thought they were cute since I have been playing with different types of necklaces that are definitely not your normal type 😀

Available in 8 colors (black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green) also is resize scripted for easy fit.
Not all colors are shown here.

Magic Jelly Bean Necklaces

(Not All Colors Shown Here)
New Fairy tale themed item release, Magic Jelly Bean Necklaces, available in 11 colors and a full pack at a discount.
They are little bottles with a single glowing jelly bean tied with a pretty color themed ribbon hanging on a simple black cord chain.