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Baggies 150L Now

Hey Everyone,
I know it has been awhile and I am really sorry. Real Life among other things have been catching up with me a bit.
I wanted to let you all know I have quite a few new projects in the works now for future new releases I am sure you are all gonna love.
But until then I have treat for you. All the baggies in Anomaly are now permanently 150L and full packs are reduced to reflect this new price change as well.
Stay tune for more updates they will be coming ūüôā

Recent News

So…I know it has been awhile since I have done any new items really as well as really being heavily active.

In a way I was taking a brief break to enjoy my summer and I have been for the most part. As for Second Life wise I have been struggling with inspiration, not sure if anyone has noticed but I have been since JC left Second Life it just hadn’t seem the same to me anymore. I kept trying to distract myself but I was still hurting. I realized finally I let myself get way too attached and allowed someone to be the only cause of my happiness. I decided I am not going to do that again. I have been doing a lot of thinking and well I am over it I feel on the past and moving forward with an optimistic note.

I am working on a whole new style and collection that is sure to be a big hit among you Ravers. In the next few weeks all will be revealed and released and I am sure the wait for these items will be well worth the wait!

I love you all my customers and I look forward to getting to work ūüôā


Body Paint Feedback

So I have been doing some thinking with the new viewer and the fact that 2.0 has tattoo layers… I know not everyones converted yet to the new viewer so this is why I am asking you all.
What I am asking is I wanna know what you guys want, cause your my customers and I wanna know what you would like ūüôā
I wanna know how many of you would like me to offer the body paints in also a tattoo layer version  besides regular clothing layers?
If I get enough people wanting the tattoo layer version I shall start doing body paints with this option as well as updating the old ones.
Just copy and paste the following into a notecard and send it to me in world at Riley Mensing. Thanks ūüôā
=======   Anomaly Feed Back Form    ========
What is your sl name?
If you wish to remain anonymous that is alright and it will be respected.
Do you use the new second Life viewer 2.0 now?
Are you more likely to purchase body paint if it is available in the tattoo layer as well?
I know this is pretty much like the question above this but want to make sure lol
Do you want to see the body paints with a tattoo layer option?
Is there any other feedback  you would like to add or simply see more of at Anomaly?

Market Day-EXPOsed & Uncensored!

This Merchant Guild Market Day will be held on April 27, 28, and 29th where a variety of merchants will be able to showcase a select number of items for a 72 hour period.

We heard the demand for our adult merchants to be able to showcase items in the proper rated sim.

Live Music and Fashion Shows will be available from the following performers throughout the 3 day event:

April 27, 2010

10 am -11 am Shane Kirshner live music

3 pm – 4 pm Nonge Shipman live acoustic rock

5 pm – 6 p m CrashOV Uladstron Smexy Town Fashion Show

6 pm – 8pm Nicktacious Chapman dj rock/punk

8 pm – 9 pm Gregg Huet live rock

April 28, 2010

10 am – 11 am Caoilte Skytower live folk rock

3 pm -4 pm Matthew Perreault live rock

5 pm – 6 pm S0phie Sautereau ~s0c~* Red Carpet EXPOsed

6 pm – 8 pm Slater Michalski dj rock

8 pm – 9 pm EricSteffensen Mistwalker live acoustic rock

April 29, 2010

10 am – 11 am Lexus Melodie live acoustic rock

12 pm – 2 pm Slater Michalski dj rock

3 pm – 4pm KevinMThomas Carpool live acoustic rock

5 pm Р6pm   RnB Product Demonstration

8 pm – 9 pm SweetLilly Pinelli live acoustic rock

So come to Market Day and get your shopping on!

New Midnight Mania

Just put up a new New Midnight Mania for you all.
Better hurry Targets set to 50

Anomaly’s Blog Was Featured

So I just discovered Anomaly’s old blog was featured on

<a href=’‘>Lexmark Ink Cartridges</a>

very awesome!

Thank you!


In Celebration of a new store design and of course it being a year since Raver’s Addiction, the first raver baggies collection of Anomaly was released,
ALL BAGGIES IN Anomaly are 100L only this sale will only be for a few weeks And will only be here at:

Now full packs aren’t covered in this sale so please remember that. This sale will only be going on at the new place.

Enjoy Everybody!!!!!!!

Important News

Hello to all my amazing and awesome customers.

I am posting this announcement because it regards some¬†very important changes regarding Anomaly.¬†I do appreciate it to those of you who will take the time to read this letter .¬†Don’t worry it isn’t drama lol.

The past year has been an amazing one in many ways and the store has come pretty far.
It breaks my heart many times over that I am having to write this at all…..

My Co-owner  JuanCarlos Cascarino, or as JC as I always called him unfortunately has had to quit Second Life due to RL reasons.
He was the most amazing and greatest building and business partner I had the pleasure to work with. And I loved him dearly too. I am going to miss him more than anything but that thing called Real Life needed him and so he had to let this place go. Since he handled the furniture of the store, for now Anomaly will no longer be selling any. I’m sorry guys.
Unfortunately his departure makes things even more harder on me now financially since besides him leaving I am having severe health issues and I am having to watch costs. I cannot afford to keep the sim on my own and that breaks my heart even more because we worked so hard on that place and it was a dream I had wanted to achieve in this world for a long time.

Now Anomaly is not gone, I have acquired a smaller place but it will still have the total Anomaly feel and decor in many ways just it won’t be a full homestead sim lol. The sim is no longer found in search now and the items will be picked up and so on with a lm giver to the place so any lost customers are able to find it.

Anomaly’s New Location:

I know I have had to move around a lot in the past and I am sorry but this time with moving and since the anniversary of it being a year since Raver’s Addiction was released, the full outfit baggies and first one I ever did. I was originally only going to have a half off sale but with the move, I want to reward you all since you will have to update your lms and picks.
Baggies Sale Celebration at Anomaly shall come even earlier and all Baggies will be 100L.
This sale is only going on at the new location.

Now full packs aren’t covered in this sale so please remember that. This sale will only be going on at the new place.

So be sure to update your lms and come check out the new place, I hope you will all love it and I just want to thank you all for your support over the past year and a half.

Riley Mensing

Bunny Pets Gacha

The prizes for this one are cute little bunny doll pets that are each scripted to speak different phrases that suit their theme and squeek when you click them.

There are 4 themes currently, and lots of different colors. 66 bunnies in total.

To play it is 30L

Hope you all enjoy them

I also combined the raver goggles and bangles into one gacha machine.

Market Day Is Here!!!!!!!!!

Hey Everyone,
Market Day is here and there are some announcements to be made regarding it.
For those of you who purchased the promotional outfit on xstreet for market day from me, the labeled vendor is up at the Anomaly Stall at the Market Day Fair.
I have also placed a new midnight mania up at the fair that you can only get if you go. The Target is 100.

Teleport in world to Market Day Now!


BOOTHS/VENDORS (clockwise from LP)

SPONSOR:    The R Shop

1. S0phie’s Choice Design

2. ¬†Drake’s Design

3.  Darkhearted

4.  Anomaly

5.  Dewi Fairlady

6.  LiX

7.  Template Craze

8.  Evaki

9.  Teen Turf Imports

10. Snowpaw Fashions

11. D-Zines by D

12. Elite Couture Designs

13. NCS2 & UiS

14. Park Place Home Décor

15. Rayzer’s Rock Quarry Animations

16. Tether’s End

17. *~* RnB Designs Furniture *~*

18. Mer Elf Creations

19. Phoebe ~Piercings & More~

20. Angel D-Signs

21. Sezzy’s (SIM HOST)

Hope to see you there and Happy Shopping all!

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