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The Nightmares

New Full Outfits, So everyone loves the little
kawaii skulls and little cute revealing outfits so why not put them both together 🙂
The Nightmares:
They come complete with:
They also have a resize menu complete with instructions
and the Bra and panties are available in all clothing layers

The skirt, bras, and legwarmers are also available in singles. The Bras in a full pack.


New Releases: Raver’s Sugar Rush Legwarmers

Hey Everyone,
Huge New Release for you all.
Raver’s Sugar Rush Legwarmers, they are cute legwarmers with shoes that have dangling glow sticks and different bits of lollipops and tiny jars of raver paint.
I decided after brainstorming with JC when I was doing these I would make different colors for the straps along with them being available in 3 different cloth colors, Black, Brown, and White. Each Cloth Color set is available in a full pack as well.

They are resize scripted for easy fit and transfer, great for gifts. Not all the colors are shown here but there are a total of 9 colors per cloth style.

Also there is a new prize on the midnight mania board, I will be adding over time a new prize each week or so and they will be scenes necklaces.

This weeks Midnight Mania is:

Coming Soon: Anomaly is part of 60L Weekends, there will be an announcement for this weekends item