Easter Egg Hunt 2010 Hints

Update: The Hunt has now ended, we hope everyone has enjoyed their prizes.

The following is a list of hints for the Easter Egg Hunt at Anomaly for 2010

  • Easter Egg #1   –  Find the place where you may toss a coin for a wish among the birds
  • Easter Egg #2 – Rest against this delightful tree house’s trunk
  • Easter Egg #3 – Look among the stairs of the ruins
  • Easter Egg #4 – Find the hollow log who’s entrance is guarded by two crystals
  • Easter Egg  #5 – Find the water fairies
  • Easter Egg  #6 – Time for a little bit of paint
  • Easter Egg  #7 – Look under your ancient seat amidst the ruins
  • Easter Egg  #8 – Seek out the green mushroom
  • Easter Egg  #9 – Time for the nekos to play
  • Easter Egg  #10 – Care for a spot of tea?
  • Easter Egg  #11 – See the old log among the pretty yellow flowers and fog
  • Easter Egg #12 – Look among the old elven fountain
  • Easter Egg #13 – Dress like a Cyber Raver
  • Easter Egg #14 -Subscribe to Anomaly


  1. Skye Fairywren Said:

    Really enjoyed the egg hunt today! Thanks for holding it! I think I found most, if not all, of the eggs… Haven’t done an egg hunt since I was a kid! What fun! Thanks! ~ Skye

  2. Your welcome! So glad everyone has been enjoying it.

    Be sure to come visit the sim again 🙂

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