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Color Your Summer Hunt

Color Your Summer Hunt

July 3rd to August 1st 2010.

Brought to you by

The Creative Sellers Group & Viviane Hobble & Margerita Oh

Information about the hunt can be found at:

Anomaly is participating in this hunt and if you find the blue ring tube you will receive this prize:


Body Paint For Men & Women

I have heard the requests for Male Body Paint and have begun the answering for them!

New body paints for males especially along with two new ones for girls but honestly any guys can rock any of the Anomaly Body Paints if they wish 🙂

Most of em can work for unisex.

Find them on the New Items Wall

Womens Body Paint:
Mens Camo Body Paint:
Teleport to Anomaly Now:

Anomaly’s Main Store

Body Paint Feedback

So I have been doing some thinking with the new viewer and the fact that 2.0 has tattoo layers… I know not everyones converted yet to the new viewer so this is why I am asking you all.
What I am asking is I wanna know what you guys want, cause your my customers and I wanna know what you would like 🙂
I wanna know how many of you would like me to offer the body paints in also a tattoo layer version  besides regular clothing layers?
If I get enough people wanting the tattoo layer version I shall start doing body paints with this option as well as updating the old ones.
Just copy and paste the following into a notecard and send it to me in world at Riley Mensing. Thanks 🙂
=======   Anomaly Feed Back Form    ========
What is your sl name?
If you wish to remain anonymous that is alright and it will be respected.
Do you use the new second Life viewer 2.0 now?
Are you more likely to purchase body paint if it is available in the tattoo layer as well?
I know this is pretty much like the question above this but want to make sure lol
Do you want to see the body paints with a tattoo layer option?
Is there any other feedback  you would like to add or simply see more of at Anomaly?

Easter Items

Cute Body Paint that has splattered flowers
and butterflies with green vines

Cute Colorful Tanks

Cute Neko Paw boots covered with little easter accessories, eggs, chicks and chocolate bunnies.

Available in 6 different colors

Cute Neko Ears & Tail Sets covered with

little easter accessories, eggs, chicks, Carrots

and chocolate bunnies.

Available in 6 different colors

St. Patty’s Green Day Sale

Hey you guys!

Hope your all having a great day! So since a lot of a green is required to celebrate St. Patricks in style, All Green Body Paints, Baggies, Clothes, Shoes and Accessories are 50 % Off

New Releases: Celebration of Green Day

Hey Everyone,
So it is getting to be that time of year again where you all wear lots of green and some and maybe most of you also spend that day enjoying a good drink 😉
Well we have quite a few new items for you guys to help you celebrate St. Patricks Day
Including a free gift in the shamrock next to the new releases!
~Riley & JC
Luck O’ the Irish is a pot o’ gold at the end of the
rainbow for all Lads and Lasses. With rotating end
tables and lamp shades made of shamrock cloth,
this is a definate must see!
Transfer Only


Rave out St. Patricks Day in style with

these awesome baggies

Transfer Only

Resize Scripted for Easy Mod


Yummy new body paint to dance around or rave in

Copy Only


Totally cute paw boots splattered with shamrocks,

comes with the option of having shamrock foot prints

Transfer Only
Resize Scripted for Easy Mod


Cute Skirt with Shamrocks pattern

Transfer Only

Resize Scripted for Easy Mod


Feeling Lucky? Show it off with these cute booty shorts

available in black or green

Transfer Only