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New Release: Flare

Hey Everyone!
Sorry I have been a bit on the quiet side with new releases and all that, Just got over a majorly annoying cold & flu bug.
But now that I am doing better and enjoying my summer I hope you all are as well
4 new raver outfits for you girls, totally colorful and bright and perfect to rave in during this summer!
Anomaly’s Flare
A full raver outfit for girls that includes:
Skirt Pants
Skirt Prim
The boots and wristbands come with a resize menu while the skirt prim is modify for easy adjustment
They are Transfer also so you can get them as a gift to surprise your gf or even bestie with!
Find them on the New Items Wall

The Nightmares

New Full Outfits, So everyone loves the little
kawaii skulls and little cute revealing outfits so why not put them both together 🙂
The Nightmares:
They come complete with:
They also have a resize menu complete with instructions
and the Bra and panties are available in all clothing layers

The skirt, bras, and legwarmers are also available in singles. The Bras in a full pack.

New Fun Mini Dresses

Sorry all there hasn’t been anything new for a bit. Things have been a little crazy lol
but I got a few nice mini dresses for you all now so enjoy! Some of these I made after listening to Italobrothers a lot for those of you who know this group you’ll prolly get the inspiration. Don’t forget the baggies sale is ending tomorrow, May 1
Also new Midnight Mania is up, I had this one placed at one of the Market Days so now you have a chance to grab it again

3-10-10 New Releases: Raver’s Fantasy Skirts

Hey Everyone,
We have a new large new release for you, New Raver’s Fantasy Skirts.
I really enjoyed working on these skirts and I hope you all will love them. I was going through a bit of a major skirt phase and then I realized there really aren’t that many decent raver skirts out there so I started with one skirt. Once I made one I just couldn’t stop. I am hoping to make more raver skirts soon in the future
There are 16 different styles and they are resize scripted for easy fit.
Not all the styles are featured here but can be seen at the store.