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Color Your Summer Hunt

Color Your Summer Hunt

July 3rd to August 1st 2010.

Brought to you by

The Creative Sellers Group & Viviane Hobble & Margerita Oh

Information about the hunt can be found at:

Anomaly is participating in this hunt and if you find the blue ring tube you will receive this prize:


New Midnight Mania

Just put up a new New Midnight Mania for you all.
Better hurry Targets set to 50

New Midnight Mania Prize

The target is now 50 since the Midnight Mania has become pretty popular and I want more to have a chance to grab the prize each day since it lockdowns so quickly. I may go lower though again if I need to.

Once a week I will be changing them so be sure to keep checking if you wanna collect all colors of the butterfly shrooms scenes necklaces.

Golden Egg Winners

Hey Everyone,
All 3 Golden Eggs have been found now finally.
Thank you to all of you who participated and hope you had fun.
Congratulations to our three winners who found the 3 golden eggs that were hidden around the sim
Nire Kiranov
Clare Lavender
Pixie Ruby
There are still the normal 14 eggs all around the sim to be found so if you haven’t found all of them yet you still have plenty of time.

The 3 Golden Eggs

In celebration of being showcased and to show our appreciation to our customers and those who have been with us for a long time we are adding something special to this easter egg hunt.
Riley has placed 3 golden eggs around the sim, and each golden egg contains the following prizes:

Anomaly’s Easter Egg Hunt 2010

It is time for spring and the usual fun and shenanigans that follow.

Eggs have been hidden all around the sim and contain special easter themed items.

Over time more eggs may be added so be sure to keep up to date by joining the subscribe o matic or the the anomaly update group, group invite signs are near the sims entrance on the purple tree and next to the teleport hub.

If you have any questions please feel free to join the

:::Anomaly::: Hunts Group or the :::Anomaly::: Group listed in SL Search or IM Riley Mensing or JuanCarlos Cascarino

For Hints to the locations of the eggs you can see them here:

Good Luck!!! And Remember This Is Supposed To Be Fun!

Now Onward to the rules:

1. No Cheating –  This includes creating a cheat notecard of all the locations of where the eggs are located, teleporting friends directly to the eggs, shouting or saying in open chat where they are located. Some people actually want to find the things on their own. Although I know many will still disclose the location of the eggs I just ask you don’t do it publicly 🙂

2. No Abuse of the designers or staff – Riley and JC have worked very hard to create these items . Any form of abuse or harrassment will result in you being banned from Anomaly. We really hope though that it won’t come to this because we love our customers and want to bring you all an enjoyable experience.

3. No group Im abuse – Please no rude behavior of any kind in the group chat, If you have any complaints please take it directly to the proper person. Please do not post any of the eggs locations in the group, only hints may be given. Any abusers will be giving one warning, if they continue they will be removed and banned.

4. If you have an issue with any of the items in the hunt please contact Riley Mensing or JuanCarlos Cascarino

New Releases: Celebration of Green Day

Hey Everyone,
So it is getting to be that time of year again where you all wear lots of green and some and maybe most of you also spend that day enjoying a good drink 😉
Well we have quite a few new items for you guys to help you celebrate St. Patricks Day
Including a free gift in the shamrock next to the new releases!
~Riley & JC
Luck O’ the Irish is a pot o’ gold at the end of the
rainbow for all Lads and Lasses. With rotating end
tables and lamp shades made of shamrock cloth,
this is a definate must see!
Transfer Only


Rave out St. Patricks Day in style with

these awesome baggies

Transfer Only

Resize Scripted for Easy Mod


Yummy new body paint to dance around or rave in

Copy Only


Totally cute paw boots splattered with shamrocks,

comes with the option of having shamrock foot prints

Transfer Only
Resize Scripted for Easy Mod


Cute Skirt with Shamrocks pattern

Transfer Only

Resize Scripted for Easy Mod


Feeling Lucky? Show it off with these cute booty shorts

available in black or green

Transfer Only