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Market Day-EXPOsed & Uncensored!

This Merchant Guild Market Day will be held on April 27, 28, and 29th where a variety of merchants will be able to showcase a select number of items for a 72 hour period.

We heard the demand for our adult merchants to be able to showcase items in the proper rated sim.

Live Music and Fashion Shows will be available from the following performers throughout the 3 day event:

April 27, 2010

10 am -11 am Shane Kirshner live music

3 pm – 4 pm Nonge Shipman live acoustic rock

5 pm – 6 p m CrashOV Uladstron Smexy Town Fashion Show

6 pm – 8pm Nicktacious Chapman dj rock/punk

8 pm – 9 pm Gregg Huet live rock

April 28, 2010

10 am – 11 am Caoilte Skytower live folk rock

3 pm -4 pm Matthew Perreault live rock

5 pm – 6 pm S0phie Sautereau ~s0c~* Red Carpet EXPOsed

6 pm – 8 pm Slater Michalski dj rock

8 pm – 9 pm EricSteffensen Mistwalker live acoustic rock

April 29, 2010

10 am – 11 am Lexus Melodie live acoustic rock

12 pm – 2 pm Slater Michalski dj rock

3 pm – 4pm KevinMThomas Carpool live acoustic rock

5 pm – 6pm   RnB Product Demonstration

8 pm – 9 pm SweetLilly Pinelli live acoustic rock

So come to Market Day and get your shopping on!


Market Day Press Release

APRIL 27-29   Market Day EXPOsed & Uncensored!
The   ※SL Merchant Guild※   sponsors its next Market Day in an adult sim lending a unique blend of both Mature (Moderate) and Adult items all captured in the theme of Romanesque Romance! Lush exotic landscaping surrounds a coliseum style venue, entirely created by the Merchant Guild–a coalition of residents representing the commerce of animators, architects, decorators, designers, service providers, and wholesalers. Offering Mania, Lucky Chair, Lucky Cupcake, and Sploder each day! Sign up for Market Day News at S0phie’s Choice Design in Craggen Maw, Anomaly’s Store in Sargas, or Ask your favorite Merchant.

Market Day Is Here!!!!!!!!!

Hey Everyone,
Market Day is here and there are some announcements to be made regarding it.
For those of you who purchased the promotional outfit on xstreet for market day from me, the labeled vendor is up at the Anomaly Stall at the Market Day Fair.
I have also placed a new midnight mania up at the fair that you can only get if you go. The Target is 100.

Teleport in world to Market Day Now!


BOOTHS/VENDORS (clockwise from LP)

SPONSOR:    The R Shop

1. S0phie’s Choice Design

2.  Drake’s Design

3.  Darkhearted

4.  Anomaly

5.  Dewi Fairlady

6.  LiX

7.  Template Craze

8.  Evaki

9.  Teen Turf Imports

10. Snowpaw Fashions

11. D-Zines by D

12. Elite Couture Designs

13. NCS2 & UiS

14. Park Place Home Décor

15. Rayzer’s Rock Quarry Animations

16. Tether’s End

17. *~* RnB Designs Furniture *~*

18. Mer Elf Creations

19. Phoebe ~Piercings & More~

20. Angel D-Signs

21. Sezzy’s (SIM HOST)

Hope to see you there and Happy Shopping all!