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Baggies 150L Now

Hey Everyone,
I know it has been awhile and I am really sorry. Real Life among other things have been catching up with me a bit.
I wanted to let you all know I have quite a few new projects in the works now for future new releases I am sure you are all gonna love.
But until then I have treat for you. All the baggies in Anomaly are now permanently 150L and full packs are reduced to reflect this new price change as well.
Stay tune for more updates they will be coming 🙂

New Release: Flare

Hey Everyone!
Sorry I have been a bit on the quiet side with new releases and all that, Just got over a majorly annoying cold & flu bug.
But now that I am doing better and enjoying my summer I hope you all are as well
4 new raver outfits for you girls, totally colorful and bright and perfect to rave in during this summer!
Anomaly’s Flare
A full raver outfit for girls that includes:
Skirt Pants
Skirt Prim
The boots and wristbands come with a resize menu while the skirt prim is modify for easy adjustment
They are Transfer also so you can get them as a gift to surprise your gf or even bestie with!
Find them on the New Items Wall

Raver Tape

So is anyone feeling a bit colorful and naughty?
I give you Raver Tape!

colorful bandaid pasties/ Nipple Tape that cover the nipples

This pack comes with the following colors:

Black, White, Pink, Blue,  Purple, Green, Orange, Yellow, Red, and Rainbow

Also included is sexy black latex hot pants


Big, Major Huge New Release that has me a bit exhausted lol.

Well finally after a long time and a lot of requests I did a baggies collection just for you furries, with digi style pant legs!
This collection also comes in a version for you humanoids too.
Coming next month a special event revolving around Anomaly’s Baggies so be sureto keep your eyes open for announcements.

Furry’s Illumination is a complete outfit that contains the following:
Shirt or top that matches the gender and color scheme
Sculpted Baggy Pants with Digi bottom legs

Furry’s Illumination is a complete outfit that contains the following:
Shirt or top that matches the gender and color schemeBeltPantsSculpted Baggy Pants with Digi bottom legs

Raver’s Illumination is a complete outfit that contains the following:

Shirt or top that matches the gender and color scheme



Sculpted Baggy Pants


Break Away

A major new release, and sort of an experiment.
A whole new collection of baggies that comes in guys and girls version. What is different and special about this collection compared to past baggie releases is that they are sculpties.
So we really hope you all will enjoy them and would love to hear some feedback from you all. Please send any comments or suggestions for future releases regarding these kind of baggy outfits please send them to Riley Mensing or drop them into her mailbox at the mail tree at the sims entrance.

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Break Away, Sculpted Baggies with colorful paint splatters.

Comple Baggy Pants Outfits that contain the following per gender:
Break Away Girls Contains:
*Pants Layer
*Sculpted Baggy Pants
Break Away Guys Contains:
*Pants Layer
*Sculpted Baggy Pants
The outfits are resize scripted for easy fit and transferable for gifting.
If there is any issues with sizing just contact Riley and she will be more than happy to work with you.

BFA: Blues For Autism Bazaar 2010

Anomaly is participating in the BFA Blues Bazaar for this year.
BFA stands for Blues For Autism and is a campaign that is trying to raise awareness about Autism in SL and to raise money for the Autism Society of America. They provide support to children and families affected by Autism. So please lend your support!
More information can be found at their blog at:
It will be going on for the whole month of April and we hope you will let your friends, family, and groups know and encourage others to support this cause. To help them raise money for this amazing goal, Anomaly has placed Raver’s Stardust for both girls and guys in Blue for 200L each at the Blues Bazaar. All sales and proceeds from these two items will be going to BFA.
Anomaly’s Items:
BFA Vendors for these items can also be found at Anomaly’s Main Store.

New Releases: The Cyber Ravers Guys & Girls

Complete Cyber Raver Outfit

Available in 8 different colors total
Not all colors shown here

They are Available in Guys and Girls versions

Single items from the outfits are also available

Resize Scripted and Transfer.

Some clothing layers are modifiable.